Social Security

One of the most significant sources of income most  Baby Boomers will have in retirement is Social Security. When properly positioned, many couples will receive in excess of $1,000,000 during their retirement. Understanding when to begin taking payout, is a critical part of this process, yet most people still get there guidance from a friend or relative, who has no background or training to offer this advice.

Other's may seek the council of their Financial Advisor or Accountant. If they have taken the time to stay abreast of the recent  changes in Social Security, they could be a viable source, the problem, is many of them have not. Since you expect them to know this information as an integral part of their business,these individuals can be even more dangerous to your prosperous retirement.

We at Senior Solutions understand how important this will be to your retirement. That's why we have not just ONE, but TWO - Certified National Social Security Advisors (NSSA), on staff.

Whether you attend one of our Seminars, or come in for a private meeting, rest assured that we have trained to the most stringent standards to help our clients achieve their retirement goals.   


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